Yanick Paquette discusses Swamp Thing

Posted on 06 March 2013 by Mike-EL

J’orge parle avec Yanick Paquette…en français!

Mr. Paquette discusses the rich history of Swamp Thing and the importance of building on the work of Alan Moore. Should DC have rebooted the title from scratch? Mr. Paquette doesn’t think so!

One important point Yanick Paquette makes is that diving into a character in the middle of the story does not dissuade new readers–a fact DC has been ignoring for the past 28 year! Nearly every young reader from the Golden Age to the Bronze Age was introduced to their favourite characters somewhere in the middle of their story…since EVERY story other than the origin is the “middle” (and we rarely get to see the end).

What do you think? Would continuing the old continuity have been a smarter move for DC? Or was starting over certain titles from scratch the right move?

French translation by Gina Belanger & Lisa Hill, with assistance from Gilles Boucher.

Also, click below to see examples of both Paquette’s and Stephen Bissette’s beautiful artwork on Swamp Thing.

Originally posted on March 6, 2013.



  • Jay Fabok

    That has to be the best “assemble” of all time!

    • It was super cool to hear it in another language! 😀