Who Should Catwoman Have Sex With Next?

Posted on 15 May 2012 by GI Jolie

A hot button topic that’s been on the tongues of many comics fans is the representation of women in comics. Now that more and more women are outing themselves and letting their geek flag fly it’s become a very heated debate.

We here at the Comic Book Syndicate were excited to here that, with the release of DC Comic’s New 52 titles, Catwoman would still have her own book (written by Judd Winick, Art by Guillem March) and maybe a little bit of an update. We should have known better. Who would have thought that the comeback twist on a pretty hyper-sexualized character would be SPOILER ALERT to show her having sex with Batman. Gee. What a turn of events that was.

At last year’s Detroit Fanfare in Detroit, Michigan we got to ask numerous creators what they thought of woman in comics. (Actually IN them, not writing them, because THAT is a WHOOOOLE other can of worms waiting to explode. Trust me. It will happen)

In this interview with independent creators Dave Losso and Dave Scheidt, Catwoman also happened to come up in a funny rant by Dave L. You can watch the interview below:

Dave Scheidt is a freelance writer currently doing the Huffpost thing. Follow him on Twitter @DaveScheidt
Dave Losso is a comic book creator from Chicago, Illinois. He is a genuis. Tumble along with him: http://davelosso.tumblr.com/