VENOM #30 by Bunn, Silas & Robinson

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Venom #30Venom #30
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Thony Silas 
& Roger Robinson
Published by Marvel

Synopsis: In the fight against the U-Foes, Flash has been knocked out and now the symbiote costume is in control. The full power of Venom is finally unleashed.

Good: The highlight of this issue would definitely have to be seeing the symbiote in total control, or actually out of control using some interesting new techniques to take out the U-Foes. One of my favorite things about this series has been the art, even though there have been several different artists drawing for the book each one brings something interesting to it. While I have to admit in this issue the human characters themselves don’t look as good as they normally do, the scenes with Venom looked really great though. Another highlight in this book would be the surprise at the end, of course no spoilers so all I’ll say is that it has me excited for the next book. I’d also like to point out the discussion Venom had at the end that lead into him deciding to move to Philadelphia, what seemed like a normal conversation turned into something really interesting.

Bad: It still feels like Flash is being rushed into his new home a little bit but the story did work for getting him there. I’m happy to see the Flash and Valkryie relationship carry over from Secret Avengers but as of right now it just doesn’t work as well as it does in Secret Avengers. Another thing I didn’t really like was the U-Foes they did make interesting villains but compared to Crime Master and Jack O’ Lantern, I just didn’t enjoy them as much. Although I did enjoy seeing Venom take them on, the fighting was good but the threat level of the group and their “feud” with Flash left a lot to be desired.

Overall: I can’t lie, Venom is my favourite comic book character. So not everyone will enjoy this book as much as me but overall though ever since Flash became the new host for the symbiote things have gotten really interesting. If you want a good anti-hero story definitely check this series out and now is a really good starting point since Flash is moving to a new place with what looks to be a new cast of supporting characters.

Rating: 3.5/5

What are your thoughts on Venom #30? What did you think of the U-Foes?



  • Great review…. I must have to read this though. Just to be sure 😉

  • Loved that final page!