UNCANNY X-MEN #1 by Bendis & Bachalo

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

Is Marvel Now’s Uncanny title worth the read? Check out the review to find out!

uncanny-x-men-1-marvel-nowUncanny X-Men #1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Bachalo
Published by Marvel

Synopsis: Cyclops and his team of renegade mutants work to save newly discovered mutants from being captured.

Good: I’ve never been a big fan of Cyclops. I’ve just never really enjoyed the character. Surprisingly though, I actually like him a lot in this book. Now, I have never read Avengers vs. X-Men and from what I have heard about it, I’m glad I didn’t, and if anything good was to come of that ‘event’, I like the direction Scott Summer’s has been taken in; It feels like he’s become a mixture of Magneto and Xavier in the Marvel Universe. What I really enjoy about this book though is the team that series writer, Brian Michael Bendis has put together. He’s included some popular characters, (Cyclops, Magneto, Magik and Emma Frost) while also using smaller and newer characters, (Tempus and the currently unnamed healer) which makes an interesting team. Unlike in Secret Avengers each character is different in personality and superpowers. I also enjoyed the writing in this book and found the story to be interesting. The threat that Magneto describes Cylcops to be adds a lot of interest to the book. I really like the idea that Cyclops has lost control of his powers which has left him a little exposed. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the art in this book, I found it to be good as some parts but bad at others. The action and fighting looked really good as did the destruction. It was the panels where characters were standing or not really doing anything that didn’t really look that great. I’m looking forward to the next issue because I really want to see where the series is going with the story.

Bad: I think the biggest issue I had with it was the lack of detail in some of those panels. At some points the art would look really detailed but at other parts it was lacking, it almost felt a little lazy. Also I wasn’t a big fan of the mutant that Cyclops and his team saved in this book. I just found his power to be really lame, balls flying all over the place? Really? I just thought they could have created a more interesting power to give that mutant. Sure, chances are this is definitely the last time we’ll see him, but still it I just really didn’t enjoy him.

Overall: Despite some issues, Uncanny X-Men is off to a great start. I’m excited for the next book and I think this series has a lot of potential. I definitely recommend checking it out if you want to add another Marvel Now! title to your file.

Rating: 4.2/5

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