THE WOLVERINE: More Set Pics from Australia (4 Photos)

Posted on 01 November 2012 by Admin

Check out the claws on Wolverine in these new set photos. Click the jump to see.

New set photos were released today from the set of The Wolverine in Sydney Olympic Park, Australia. It’s a large set so the crew has made their own Japanese village for the movie. You can see pictures of Hugh Jackman filming scenes on top of a snow plow as a group of ninjas are organizing to attack him from the rooftops.

I think it’s great to see Wolverine fighting a dynasty of ninjas because he would have to rely on tactical thinking instead of just using his powers. This Wolverine seems more grounded in realism and less ‘supernatural’, which is always good. It shows a huge trend towards delivering heroic realism following Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and CW’s Arrow.


Source- Daily Telegraph