THE AVENGERS #3 by Hickman & Opena

Posted on 25 January 2013 by Admin

The Avengers have expanded but is this a good thing?

Written by Johnathan Hickman
Art by Jerome Opena
Published by Marvel


Synopsis: On Mars, the battle between The Avengers and The Garden comes to a dramatic conclusion.

Good: In my opinion, the best part about this bookis all the action! The battle on Mars is handled really well and keeps me looking forward to what happens next on each page. I found that the art in the book works really well and the costume designs are excellent. One image that really stood out for me is the moment Captain America arrives with backup. Cap’s costume looks phenomenal (Similar look to the design of the outfit seen in The Avengers movie) and the colour is perfect. Not only is it great seeing all of these characters in one book working together but it’s also great to see all the different costumes and powers rendered brilliantly. While I haven’t found the story to be truly amazing yet, I really do enjoy it, for now I think it works.

Bad: One issue I had with this book was that while the battle looked really nice it looked like it was rushed. In total, the battle was about 11 pages in length but with how much of a threat they set up the Ex Nihilo to be I was expecting more fighting and story. I don’t know what current writer, Johnathan Hickman is planning with Ex Nihilo, but it feels like after this issue he won’t pose a threat for a while. Personally, I was hoping for more story with this Nihilo character or at least see him portrayed as more of a challenge to The Avengers –like he was in the earlier books. Another issue I have is that since the book includes a larger number of Avengers in it, it spends less time with each character. I completely understand why because it is hard to focus on each and every characters when you have so many, but I’d like to see more of the spotlight on the lesser known members of the team.

OveralL: The series has had built up some great momentum but I found that the ending slowed it down dramatically. I’m definitely curious as to what happens next but I was hoping for some more time on Mars. It’s a really good issue overall and if you want an Avengers book that’s more action than story I’d definitely recommend this one.

Rating: 3.5/5

Which character from the Marvel universe would you like to see join the roster of this book?