TALON #1 by James Tynion IV & Guillem March

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See DC Comics has a new hero, Talon. Click the jump to see.

comic book cover Talon #1 
Written by James Tyinion IV 
Art by Guillem March
Published by DC Comics 

Writer of Batman, Scott Snyder, has given us a run on an original story arc called “Night of the Owls.” At which Snyder could not have done by himself without his protégé, James Tynion IV, who co-wrote the story arc with Snyder. Snyder wanted to continue the story but with so many titles on his plate Tynion stepped in to continue the story arc with a new character called Calvin Rose. Issue #0 of Talon stars Rose as one of the ‘Talons’ who escaped from the Court of Owls and though it may be too early to say it, I think Tynion has created a comic book that will stand the test of time. From the beginning Tynion created a character that is not only likeable but that is also enjoyable to read. Now, in Issue #1 of Talon Tynion begins to set up a bigger story line which will no doubt unfold in issues to come.

Synopsis: After many years on the run, Calvin Rose returns to Gotham City to investigate the fallout from “Night of the Owls.” Is the Court of Owls finally defeated? Could Calvin Rose finally have freedom from the Court?

Talon panelGood: From the beginning of Issue #1, you’re given narrated voice-overs by Calvin Rose who explains the history and power of the Court of Owls over Gotham City. This is especially helpful if you haven’t read Snyder’s “Night of the Owls” story arc in Batman. While the voice-overs will help you learn about the Court of Owls if you have read Snyder’s title then this is nothing more than a quick page turner. Still, you should read the voice-overs because Tynion introduces another aspect of the Court’s power over Gotham City. The use of this device is used throughout this issue to explain what’s going as well as give us insight into the personality of Calvin Rose. At this point, it’s okay to use a lot voice-over for this comic book because it just started. However, down the line, Tynion is going have to layoff of the voice-overs and allow his dialogue to propel the book. So, for right now the voice-overs play a huge benefit in this comic book.

skydiving in comicsThe art by Guillem March is spot on. Ever since his departure from Catwoman over the summer, we have been patiently waiting for his return to Batman comics. He has come back in a really cool way giving us a scruffy portrayal of Calvin Rose. The best part about March doing this comic book is that he is able to work freely. Since Talon is a new character in the Batman Universe as well as in the DC Universe, March is able to draw Rose in any way he wants. So, this gives March tons of freedom to create new villains, new settings, and so much more. The best scene in this comic book by March is when Rose jumps off a GCPD blimp and glides down into Gotham City. It is surely an iconic scene for this soon to be epic comic book.

Bad: I am hoping that Tynion will feel comfortable as a writer to let the audience read the comic book without voice-overs but I understand that some audiences need the voice-overs to get a sense of what is going on. Once Tynion writes a few issues of Talon maybe he will stop the voice-overs and let the dialogue and character interaction inform the audience of what is going.

I am seriously looking forward to future issues of Talon. Even though, the “Night of the Owls” story arc is long gone. The Court is still alive with an army of thousands waiting to take back Gotham City. Tynion has a good long term story line, and all he needs to do is move away from the voice-overs.

Rating: 4.5/5 

What did you think of Talon #1? Are you reading this issue? Why or why not?

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