Sword of Sorcery feat. Amethyst #0 by Christy Marx

Posted on 01 October 2012 by GI Jolie

It’s not easy being the new kid at school. Click through to the review to find out why!

Sword of Sorcery #0: Amethyst
Written by Christy Marx
Art by Aaron Lopresti
Cover Art by Josh Middleton
DC Comics


Amy Winston is new in school, but you can’t miss her since she’s the “girl with all the colours in her hair”. That might seem fine, but at her new school it has branded her an outsider that not even the geekiest of students will interact with.

The story sets out on the eve of her seventeenth birthday. Amy’s java slinging mother Gracie, is just finishing up at work and about to head home to celebrate with her daughter because, as she tells her curious co-worker, “…everything changes at seventeen.”

The story is by [DC] newcomer, Christy Marx. Though newcomer may be the wrong word as Marx does have some comic book (Sisterhood of Steel) and manga (Elfquest) credits to her name. Marx has been writing for a long time and is most notable for her work in children’s television programming. Like comic book veterans, Paul Dini and Marv Wolfman, Marx was responsible for many of the wild and crazy vocal adventures of another wacky haired teenager Jerrica Benton or, Jem. You remember, Jem and the Holograms?

Aaron Lopresti who you may remember from his run on Wonder Woman is our artist du jour and he certainly does not disappoint. It is apparent that he has great skill with strong female anatomy which allows him to focus on the feelings and emotions each character must convey from panel to panel. Emotion is key in the art as this seventeen year girl runs from low to high and ALL the way around again from beginning to end.

I hate to admit it, but had I not been a fan of Amethyst prior to reading this reboot, I would not have picked up this issue based on the cover. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Josh Middleton’s anime-esque facial rendition of the character, the interior art is almost hidden by the representation I’m faced with at first glance. I’m the kind of reader that buys books based on artists, and had I not taken a second look and noticed Lopresti’s credit, I would have missed this *ehem* gem entirely.

Rating: 4/5

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