SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #2 by Slott & Stegman

Posted on 30 January 2013 by Admin

The Superior Sitcom?

SuperiorSpiderMan_2_Cover_02 Superior Spider-Man #2
Written by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Published by Marvel
Synopsis: Otto aka Doctor Octopus takes Peter Parker’s body for a test-drive!

Good: The Spider-Bots were a really interesting idea and are a step forward in showing how Otto can make Spider-Man a completely different person. The one thing I do enjoy with the writing is Otto’s personality; You ‘see’ Peter Parker but can tell by how he talks and acts that it’s Otto, and that’s thanks to the writing. I have a love hate relationship with the workbench scenes though. On one hand it’s a moment where you can really see that it’s Otto but on the other hand it looks a little too much like a standard mad scientist panel. Otto as Peter is also able to do some things that Peter won’t do, even if it’s to keep his friends safe. I was happy toward the end that Otto did THE ONE thing Peter could never do which is break up with MJ for good. I did enjoy the ending since it means that Carlie finally realizes that maybe it really was Peter trying to talk to her in Otto’s body.

Bad: One of the things I’m not enjoying from this book is the art. I find the characters look very rough and not more natural; The characters look a little awkward or strange sometimes. An example would have to be J. Jonah Jameson. Every panel he’s in his eyes are squinting. Another issue I had with this book was the structure of the story because it felt like I was reading a sitcom. The whole Otto/Parker going on dates with MJ while ‘spirit Pete’ kept complaining was a little annoying. It came off like the writer was trying to be funny, but in the end it wasn’t enjoyable. I really don’t like that ‘spirit Peter’ spends all of his time nagging and doesn’t really have a valid purpose. The main plot point that I was looking forward to was Otto now being Spider-Man and getting to see a Spider-Man who would possible kill. If they’re going to keep Otto/Spider-man limited to what he can do because ‘spirit Peter’ is stopping him, then they should have just kept things normal.

Overall: Overall I’ve been trying to have an open mind about this book but I just really didn’t enjoy it. It had some things that I did like and overall I didn’t hate it. The humour though was really pushed on you and I just didn’t enjoy the art. I’d say it’s a below average book in my opinion and hopefully it improves in the next one.

Rating: 2/5

What were your thoughts? Love it or hate it?

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