Super Dinosaur #15 by Robert Kirkman & Jason Howard

Posted on 08 November 2012 by GI Jolie

Will Derek Dynamo be rescued from his prison in Inner Earth?

Super Dinosaur #15
Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Jason Howard & Cliff Rathburn
Image Comics Publishing


Synopsis: Derek Dynamo has is trapped in Inner Earth as The Exile plots to take his revenge out on him.

GOOD: Jason Howard’s artwork is consistently stellar! Every panel is filled with action packed poses and his splash pages do not go to waste. His colour palette for each book and this one in particular do not detract from the story and really add depth and liveliness from page to page. Super Dinosaur, or SD for short defies history, yet here he is, rendered by Howard, in all his robotic glory. Do yourself a favour and give the book a once over after you’re done reading it; Just look at the images. A story about a boy and his robot dinosaur pal has never been so stunning. Further cudos for uncluttered backgrounds.

BAD: The story thus far is wearing thin. In the beginning it was cool to have a dinosaur friend equipped with robot technology come to the rescue and trounce the bad guy, but it seems as though this is all the series has been since the introduction of SD’s character. After Dynamo’s cliffhanger in issue #14 left him at the mercy of his foe, all it took for him to escape was a little distraction? A lot of things also “seem”-ed to work in terms of fighting their enemies which is too convenient and reeks of rushed writing to me, or should maybe I’m just making excuses for Kirkman’s (often times)

Derek Dynamo

poor writing. SPOILER ALERT The Exile’s promise for revenger in the final panel also takes away from what seemed to be an attempt at character development for Super Dinosaur when the ‘Super’ kids are delivered to the safe and loving arms of their respective parents, Super Dinosaur stands alone:

He is likely remembering the interspecies heroics of the Tryanosaur they just encountered, longing to belong. To anybody. You can forget those feelings though as, instead of ending it on a contemplative note, Kirkman opts to clean up a character arc by creating new drama, thus setting up the plot for what I can only assume is the driving force behind the next story arc –it’s confusing.

I still love dinosaurs though.

Rating: 3/5

Here’s a gallery of images from the book for your perusal!


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