Super Dinosaur #14 by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard

Posted on 20 September 2012 by Admin

Read our review of Super Dinosaur issue 14 and pick it up at your LCS today!

dinosaur comic book Super Dinosaur #14
Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Jason Howard
Image Comics Publishing

Up for review this week is one of the more unique projects syndicated by Image, none other than Super Dinosaur #14. Granted, this series has been a sleeper to me for quite a while, as well as being under my comic radar for all the previous issues that have been released so far. This issue was an interesting one to say the least. I mean, the depth of the storyline, dialogue, as well as the plot as a whole has awoken in me my inner dinosaur (or Animality to all you Mortal Kombat fans lol).

The visionary series up until now has great detail and structure as far as the plot is concerned. It is evenly executed by none other than the writer on this voyage, Mr. Robert Kirkman himself (nice work). On the artsy side, we have Jason Howard, who has a more cartoony style (which is one of favorites by the way), and delivers a good connection on the visuals side.

This issue is considered to be part three of the current saga, “Escape from Inner-Earth”. For the hardcore Super Dinosaur fans out there who already know, the story continues as Derek Dynamo finally discovers the terrible dark secrets of Inner Earth and now has gone missing in action. Now Super Dinosaur and his band of buddies beside him go on to search for Derek in Inner Earth, all while taking on dangerous attacks from enemies at every turn.

What is going on at “The beneath” with The Exile? I recommend, even if you’re not a fan, to dive into this book. It is one of those adventures I wish I grew up reading as a kid.

Rating: 3/5