SKYFALL Movie Review

Posted on 19 November 2012 by GI Jolie

Flash back to our review of the biggest Bond movie of all.

Click the jump to find out how Homer Simpson is like James Bond in our review of the newest flick!

Pay close attention at the 5:12 mark for your answer:

The Comic Book Syndicate’s Mike-EL is joined by Stephen, Carly and FRANK for a VERY in depth discussion of the newest Jame’s Bond film SKYFALL.

SKYFALL is currently playing in theatres, but did you know that this secret agent existing in the printed format first? Bond was created by writer, Ian Fleming in 1953 and existed in a series of novels and short stories. Some of these stories were later adapted into comic strips by The Daily Express.

COMING SOON: Stay tuned to the website and our Youtube channel for a video review of the comic strip!

Originally posted November 19, 2012.