NEW AVENGERS #3 by Hickman & Epting

Posted on 03 April 2013 by Admin

The Infinity Gauntlet has been assembled. Is that ever a good thing?

newavn2013003_dc11_lr_0001New Avengers #3
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Steve Epting
Published by Marvel


Synopsis: The Illuminati has recruited a new member and assembled the Infinity Gauntlet to try and save earth.

Good: This book continues to be really strong through plot alone. So far this hasn’t been an action packed (READ: actual fights) series but the story has made it a very intense series. By the time you read the first panel you’re introduced to the newest member of the team and I believe they made the right decision in picking who takes over for Xavier. The buried memory was also a really interesting concept and added something different to the book. I’ve found while reading the book it often feels as if I’m watching a very suspenseful movie. The angles employed by the artist in each panel resemble those you would see in the movies, and adds to the atmosphere of the book. The art continues to work really well with the book and adds even more enjoyment when reading it. A panel that looked absolutely amazing was when SPOILERS Captain America used the Infinity Gauntlet on the Incursion Wall END SPOILERS. I really like seeing how desperate these characters have become and the exploration of their willingness (except Steve) to do what they fear most. The dialogue between characters continues to be really strong and definitely the highlight of this series. I really enjoyed reading Steve’s case to try and convince the others to still have hope. The one thing I’ve always respected about Steve is probably his greatest problem: he cares to much and lives by HIS specific code so wholeheartedly, that it eventually causes problems. I understand not wanting to sacrifice the other planet, but at this point both planets will be destroyed; If they sacrifice the other one at least one will still remain and lives will be saved. While he brought up valid points, each of the other characters also makes valid points on why they have to do what needs to be done.

Bad: Once again I haven’t found any real issues with this book. The art works really well with the story and the story itself makes up for the lack of action.

Overall: This book keeps getting better and better. Once again if you want a book with a great story definitely check this out but beware the lack of fighting. If you could only add a few Marvel Now! titles to your pull list I definitely recommend you add this one.

Rating: 4.8/5

What did you think of New Avengers #3? Were you happy with the new member of the team?