Lone Ranger #9 by Ande Parks & Esteve Polls

Posted on 10 September 2012 by Admin

Reviewer, Dennis Dudley recaps the latest issue of Dynamite’s Lone Ranger comic!

Lone Ranger #9
Story by Ande Parks
Art by Esteve Polls
Cover by Francesco Francavilla

So the review up for this week is none other than the legendary Lone Ranger in his exclusive series, continuing in issue nine and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this to a tee. Now granted, I was kind of a skeptic from the last book I’ve read from the series so far, and figure that the series would be a sleeper for the most part. My prediction turned out to be false, as the scenes generated in this issue all sum up a perfect book from Dynamite’s catalog.

I’ve missed the growing tension and action the stories of Tonto so far between the first book and this current one, but it won’t be a bad idea to backtrack to obtain its full appeal to the series so far. Ande Parks is one of those writers I feel will continue on to crossover books to come, particularly due to his expertise handling the series on the Lone Ranger legacy so far.

Also, let’s not forget the master responsible for the the grand artwork behind this issue. Esteve Polls, whose detailed and well orchestrated illustrations capture the visual effects needed to bring out the story.

Also of note is Francesco Francavilla for his part on artwork for the cover. (Congrats on the Eisner award, my friend) It was truly slick and original in my opinion.

In short, (without spoiling too much) the book continues to parallel more of the things occurring in Tonto’s life, along with a Native American folklore, which provides extra alliance with the story as well. The action involved is a little intense, but nothing too graphic or gory in a sense that it where appreciate the framework of the story. Overall, I recommend this book to all Lone Ranger fans and the alike, as well as non-supporters too. The book is truly a must-have purchase towards your comic collection.

Rating: 4/5