KICK ASS 2: Leaked Set Pics (9 Photos)

Posted on 23 October 2012 by Admin

See sneak peek set photos of Kick Ass 2, click the jump to see.

Mother Fuckers Car

Whoa! These are some cool sneak peeks from the set of Kick Ass 2 . The photos in question were tweeted by some of the extras on the set. These set shots are showing that Kick Ass 2 is being filmed in Toronto and there’s tons of fight scenes happening. Marcus Noble is Mustard Man (yellow superhero below)  fighting some guys and Naomi Raine (the blonde wearing black lipstick) is showing off her costume on Twitter.  What’s more exciting is another sneak peek shot of The Mother F***er’s souped-up car!

These aren’t the first shots to make their way onto the internet. Earlier in production there have been tweets by director Jeff Wadlow showing off a coffin full of guns, as well as an image of Chloe Moretz riding on Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s back from Plasse’s Twitter. You also see Aaron Johnson (Dave/Kick-Ass) filming a dialogue scene with Clark Duke, who plays Marty/Battle Guy.

Seriously, I think Kick Ass 2 is shaping up to be another highly anticipated comic book movie. It may not be as high as Man of Steel, but it’s up there. The first film was super fun and cool as hell! It shows just how cool you can be as a superhero BUT, it also shows you how realistic it is to be one too. I think that’s why the comic book is one of the most celebrated books that Marvel has to offer through it’s creator owned ICON imprint.  The comic is up-to-date, down to Earth, and it appeals to everyone.

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Sources- Marcus Noble and Naomi Raine Twitter