IRON MAN 3: Movie Poster & New Villain Image

Posted on 22 October 2012 by Admin

See the new poster for Iron Man 3 and the new villain. Click the jump button.

“Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher,” snarled The Mandarin.

Ben Kingsley will be playing The Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Kingsley is one of the best and I’m glad to see he’ll be playing this character who is a wise old sinister villain for Iron Man. Even though, The Mandarin is supposed to be Chinese and dealing with outer space elements such as the Ten Rings. Kingsley’s portrayal of the character will be somewhat far from that image. Kevin Feige says The Mandarin:

The Mandarin (who for a time was going to be the main villain in the first film) has been a part of the Iron Man series from the beginning, albeit as the off-screen manipulator. Don’t expect aliens, even though The Avengers and Thor opened up this unified cinematic world to the presence of extra-terrestrials.

There you have it. The Mandarin has been in the shadows watching Tony Stark’s every move and now, he has come out to play. It sounds so sinister.

BONUS! Down below you can see the new posterIron Man 3 !

Enjoy! Comment down about what you think of Kingsley being The Mandarin and if you want this version of The Mandarin or the one from the comic books?

Iron Man 3

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