Hit Girl #1

Posted on 03 July 2012 by Admin

A review of the first spinoff issue from the popular KICK ASS series starring everyone’s favourite pint-sized bad ass!

Hit Girl Issue OneHit Girl #1
Mark Millar/John Romita Jr
Avatar Press

So I guess the fun never stops for our hard-kicking girl in the neighborhood. Hit-Girl returns better than ever –and with a vengeance!

The cute action-packed, ‘not-so-normal’ (as what she describes herself) girl from the 2010 blockbuster hit, “Kick-Ass”, is back for the first time in her own original comic series, created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

The writing from Millar, to me, is superb as far as etiquette goes. It corresponds to a more mature crowd of fans, ie. the raunchy, explicit manner like that found in the movie. Although I admire the whole evolution besetting Hit-Girl, it’s not the kind of writing I would gravitate to but overall, structure wise, it’s pretty good written work.

This issue is set between the stories contained in Kick Ass Volume 1 and 2 SPOILER ALERT after the death of her father, Big Daddy. Hit-Girl aka Mindy McCready, sets off in her life of fighting crime and delivering outright justice. Kick-Ass makes his entry early on, devoting himself to Hit-Girl as her sidekick. While all this is happening both try to maintain ‘normal’ lives.

Although there were good amounts of controversy surrounding Hit-Girl in real-life; attacks from family advocacy groups about the amount of violence and offensive language from Hit-Girl’s film character, to critics/commentators speaking out about the film’s glorification of  violence, or worse, the character of an underage preteen being sexualized.

Hit Girl Preview

I do feel that Hit-Girl does in a way bring new flare to the superhero genre. Granted, I agree with the violence being a bit too much as well as the obscene language. The issue as a whole is solid work as far as story-lines and structure goes. The art by Romita is one of those styles that I dig and it sucks you in visually to the story. Basically I’m saying if you want to know what goes down in Hit-Girl’s world, at least for the sake of it, it’s worth a read. Again, as a whole, It’s solid and worth the time to check out.

Rating 3/5