HAWKEYE #7 by Fraction, Lieber & Hamm

Posted on 04 February 2013 by Admin

Hawkeye takes on Hurricane Sandy in his latest book!

Hawkeye #7
Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Steve Lieber & Jesse Hamm
Published by Marvel

Synopsis: Clint and Katie have to deal with Hurricane Sandy.

Good: I find it can be a risky move putting a real life event in a comic book but in this case it really worked. This is probably one of –if not, the best series being published by Marvel right now. One of the best parts about this book is the art. It has a different look that works really well and feels refreshing. The panels that showed the actual storm looked absolutely beautiful and overall the detail in the book was very good. One panel that comes to mind is when Clint comes back inside the house and goes upstairs to check on Grills and his father. As he enters the room you can see a puddle on the floor from the water dripping off him; The art is really detailed at times and it makes me appreciate the book even more.

I was a little worried at first since the story focuses on Hurricane Sandy but it ended up being a really great story. It’s split into two different stories with the first one being about Hawkeye helping Grills prepare his father’s house for the storm. The second story is about Katie who is at a wedding in New Jersey while the storm happens. Both stories intertwined created interesting, heartfelt moments. In Clint’s story, it was Grills risking his life to get the last remaining boxes he had that reminded him of his mom. It made me appreciate a character who, up until this point only had one real purpose, to call Clint ‘Hawkguy’. In Katie’s story, the ‘heartfelt’ moment comes with her searching for medicine to help her friend’s mother. She encounters some looters allowing the reader to see a side of people working together to help protect their city during the crisis. As always another highlight for this book is the dialogue, it feels like Fraction was born to write for Clint/Hawkeye. His ability to write humour and drama is a perfect fit for this book. I always love reading the conversations between Clint and Katie and I find that they have excellent chemistry –thanks to Fraction!

Bad: Honestly I didn’t have any real issues with this book. If I had to come up with something it would be that it did feel like a filler story. Even if that’s the case, it turned out to be a story that was excellent and really worth a read. Another complaint can be that the use of the ‘old-drunk-father-who-learns-what-is-truly-important’ character. This ‘trope’ has been used a lot and it did happen to work in this case. Though it bothered me somewhat it helps you see Grills in another light.

Overall: If you want to read a book with great dialogue, great characters, great story and great art this is the book you should be reading. Also it leaves me wanting a Hawkeye movie even more.

Rating: 4.7/5

Since this was an argument in the book, what’s better Brooklyn or New Jersey? What did you think of Hawkeye #7?