GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #0.1 by Bendis & McNiven

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

Marvel has released what I believe is the most important Marvel Now! book yet, check out the review to see if it’s any good.

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Steve McNiven
Published by Marvel

Synopsis: The origins of Star-Lord are revealed, learn how this earth child became a hero and a leader.

Good: In my opinion this the most important series for Marvel Now! With the movie being released in 2014 there is a big audience that needs to be introduced to this team, I myself included. I’ve heard of Rocket Raccoon but I don’t really know much about GotG. Overall this the was a really strong book with a great story and fantastic art. I really enjoyed learning about Peter Quill and found him to be really great protagonist. It was great seeing the relationship between his mother and father develop and really made for a great story.

It was also nice seeing how Quill acted as he had a lot of hatred for his father who left for reasons he didn’t know. I also really liked him standing up to the bully, something that does happen often but I found that it really worked here. For a book that was mostly story it had some great action in it. The scenes with him fighting the bully and killing the aliens looked really good and kept the flow of the story going. In general the art was absolutely fantastic and meshed really well with the story.

One of my favourite panels was when Peter first found his fathers gun. It was something so simple that just looked absolutely incredible. McNiven did a really great job with characters and even the backgrounds looked fantastic.

Bad: Truthfully this book worked perfectly for me. I have no real issues with it the flow of the story worked really well, art was fantastic, dialogue was great and it had some great action moments also. I guess one issue could be Peter’s attitude toward his mother when she mentions his father but honestly it was realistic and made him come off as more natural.

Overall: Guardians of the Galaxy is off to an amazing start and I absolutely can’t wait for the next issue. The book is also serving as a perfect introduction for people who don’t really know much about the team and looks to aim to help them prepare for the upcoming movie. One thing is for sure I’m looking forward to Star-Lord and his team on their adventures.

Rating: 5/5

What were your thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy? Excited for the movie?