What is Free Comic Book Day?

Posted on 29 April 2012 by GI Jolie

What you need to know about the coolest day of the year…

What is Free Comic Book Day ( FCBD)? It’s a legitimate question and one that we hear a lot around this time of year. If you’re still a little confused about FCBD here are some things you should know and what you can expect this Saturday!

Free Comic Book Day happens every year on the first Saturday of May. On that day anyone who walks in to their Local Comic Book Store (LCS) can walk out with a comic book, absolutely FREE!

Every year there are different titles to choose from, and retailers all across North America will be stocked with loads of copies of each. It’s important to note that these free comic books are separate from all the other books/titles that your LCS carries. Depending on the store, the books themselves will be set up in a special area away from everything else, so they can be easily identified. You also want to look for this logo on the front cover.

Free Comic Book Day Logo

Many stores also have a one book limit per customer so that there are enough free books for everyone but iff there isn’t a sign set up just ask your retailer how many you’re allowed to have.

Here is a gallery of some of the free comic books that will be available:

Keep your eyes peeled on May 5th! Some comic book stores will have extra incentives for dropping by the store on that day. Some stores invite comic book creators to come out for an in-store signing or to draw sketches for their fans, like  our friends in Ferndale at Detroit Comics. They’ve invited creators, Joe Querio and Glenn Barr for FCBD! Not to mention the special sales on in-stock books and merchandise! Our friends over at Border City Comics are having a HUGE SALE: All Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers will be 30% off (US cover price) AND all back issues will be $1.00!!

So save the date –Saturday, May 5th, 2012! Why not stop into your LCS and send us a photo! Hope to see you there!

Visit FreeComicBookDay.com for even more information and full list of all Free Comic Book Titles!

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