FAN EXPO Day 2 – G.I. Jolie’s diary

Posted on 28 August 2013 by GI Jolie

More cosplayer photos and features from within Artist Alley!

I always tell myself that Saturday at Fan Expo is going to be a bad idea. I have crowd anxiety and this was an enormous test of strength. I was able to run into some familiar faces though, and that really took the edge off.

Artist Alley is usually where I dwell and hidden underneath the looming enormity of pillar 102 was my good friend and independent comic book creator Ricky Lima.

Black Hole Hunters Club creator

Ricky is the creator and writer of Black Hole Hunters Club, a comic about bug-shaped, alien bounty hunters. Issue 1 was phenomenal and his writing style reminds me a little bit of Jeff Lemire. (Green Arrow, Trillium, Essex County Trilogy) Ricky sent me a preview of a project he’s working on called Deep Sea that is eerily magically and is … Under Water Welder good.

Ricky was at Fan Expo to talk intergalactic head hunting, so I’ll just give it to you straight. Issue 1 was released to rave reviews and promotion for his highly anticipated Second issue is under way. You can pick up copies of both books right from the man himself or if you’re in the GTA, there are a number of stores that carry copies: The Comic Book Lounge in Toronto and Stadium Comics in Brampton will have some for you, hopefully!

Click on this line of text and it will take you to the Black Hole Hunters Club Facebook Page! You can send a message directly through to Ricky to place your order and he’ll mail you a copy!

…and now what you’ve all been waiting for. The glorious 169. Photos. Cosplayers, and some super talented artist alley vendors!

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