EMILY AND THE STRANGERS #1 by Huehner, Reger & Ivie

Posted on 30 January 2013 by Admin

Find out what Emily the Strange is up to now, in her new series!

Emily the Strange comic book Emily and the Strangers #1
Written by Mariah Huehner and Rob Reger
Art by Emily Ivie
Published by Darkhorse Comics


SYNOPSIS: The book starts out with Emily and her four cats in her workshop. Emily is running through ideas and her failed machines, looking for one great idea. While workin on a machine Sabbath, her cat, turns on the radio. The DJ announces a contest for a great song where the winner gets a haunted guitar from her favorite rocker.

GOOD: This book has a dark overtone to it. It is a new book in a series that follows Emily on her adventures, for the first time in colour. It also comes with a couple of pull out posters for all you Emily fans. In my opinion its aimed more at preteens and teens. he art in the book is alright, though I personlly thought it could have been a bit better. I did enjoy the blueprints for some of her inventions and you can get a little glimpse of Emily’s mind. The beginning of the book was good and you get a sense of what Emily goes through when sorting out all of her ideas –again, how her mind works. You also see her continuous efforts in trying to come up with new great ideas while fixing her malfunctioning inventions already in existence.

BAD: I didn’t like this book at all. The story was too wordy and confusing at times. At one point is Emily working on an idea and then she all of a sudden wants this guitar –I was completely bored with it and had a hard time reading it. I was waiting for something to happen and to no avail. The art, except for the blue print bit, was not very well done in my opinion. It was very plain with not really much detail to the characters at all. It did not make me want to know what was going to happen next. I could care less about the characters and what happens to them; The issue didn’t draw me and was unsuccessful in making me care about the characters or the story. Though, I might have enjoyed it if I was a preteen or teenager. BUT, if you are an Emily the Strange fan, this might just be for you.

Rating 1/5

Check out the gallery below for some highlights from this book:

Courtesy of Darkhorse Comics