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Deadpool goes after Moby! No not that Moby, the one that’s a whale.

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Matteo Lolli
Published by Marvel

Synopsis: It’s Deadpool vs. Moby Dick! Wade has killed all the heroes in the Marvel Universe and now plans on taking out famous characters from classic literature.

Good: The idea itself is really clever and is itself enough to keep you reading the book just to watch how he goes about killing each character and which characters he goes after. There is a serious moment with Deadpool when he’s sitting in his apartment surrounded by dead bodies of all the heroes he’s killed, it adds a nice moment to the book where he tries to figure out what he needs to do next. The book also has the classic Deadpool humour which includes a perfect Jaws reference. The panels that involved Deadpool going to the library were also funny, I find it very interesting that it’s more odd to see Deadpool in a library than it is to see him in an alternate universe killing Moby Dick. The ending was really good and set up a potential nemesis for Deadpool, it has me looking forward to the next book and that’s all that matters.

Bad: The art isn’t bad but there isn’t anything special about it. It goes with the story and the gore looks good but the style feels like it’s something I’ve seen a lot before in a book. Again the art is enjoyable but I wish it was a little different. In total Deadpool visited two different books, the issue I found is that each book went by really fast. I’m hoping in the next books now that Bunn doesn’t have to do anymore setup he can focus on the books and expand on each story. In total there were only about 4 panels in the entire book that showed Deadpool fighting Moby Dick, I understand that this series will be more about killing these characters than instead of focusing on fights but in the end to me it feels like the story is being rushed because of this.

Overall: In the end it’s a good start to the series and has a lot of potential. The story itself is interesting enough for you to give it a shot.

Rating: 3.7/5

Which famous character from Literature are you looking forward to seeing Deadpool kill?