DEADPOOL #6 by Duggan, Posehn & Moore

Posted on 03 April 2013 by Admin

The battle of the dead presidents reaches it’s finale but how did it end?

detailDeadpool #6
Written by Gerard Gorman Duggan
& Brian Edmund Posehn
Art by Tony Moore
Published by Marvel


Synopsis: The epic finale of DEAD PRESIDENTS! Not everyone gets out alive! I mean, besides the Presidents, duh.

Good: I am definitely enjoying this story line with Deadpool versus all the undead Presidents and the feud between Deadpool and Washington has worked really well throughout the series. As always the art just looks fantastic for the book and artist Tony Moore’s style just fits perfectly with this series and continues to be my favourite part. The way Moore draws Deadpool without the mask looks really great and he’s excellent at drawing the violence that often appears in this series. Series wirters, Gerard Duggan and Brian Posehn have also been doing a great job writing for the character; They know how to write his humour while showing his serious side. It was interesting seeing how much the death of Agent Preston affected Deadpool/Wade.

I loved the final reveal at the end of the book also. The idea of Agent Preston being a part of Deadpool is a good replacement as the ghost of Ben Franklin is now gone.

Bad: Speaking of Ben Franklin, his character is one that I really missed in this book. Funny that I’m saying this about a Deadpool comic book of all things. The relationship between Deadpool and Ben was funny and extremely enjoyable and I would have liked to see more of a battle between the undead army and S.H.I.E.L.D before the final fight between Deadpool and Washington. In my opinion it would have been better to see The Avengers fighting the zombies, but they only show up after Wade saves the day.

The story in this book did feel a bit rushed and may have been better had it been spread out over two issues. It did leave me wanting a little more.

Overall: This story line has definitely been interesting and fit really well with Deadpool. I’m looking forward to what the writers have planned and where the Preston story line will go from here. In the end it was a funny and interesting story line and as always, it is awesome to read about Deadpool killing things.

Rating: 3.8/5

What were your thoughts on the epic saga of the undead Presidents?