Chris Claremont Discusses The X-men

Posted on 25 January 2013 by Mike-EL

The Shi’ar, Gambit and the origin of Mr. Sinister!

As we approach the April release of X-men #1 (the third time Marvel has restarted the numbering of their flagship mutant title) we take a look back at a Giant-Size Panel Discussion by Chris Claremont we had the pleasure of attending.

Navigate this hour-long retrospective of Claremont’s long career using these time codes:

00:00:00;00 – Do the Shi’ar belong in the X-men universe?
00:04:57;02 – Why did Storm marry Black Panther?
00:09:48;08 – The role of Exiles and X-treme X-men
00:19:27;28 – Why did Chris Claremont quit The X-men in 1991 ?
00:26:41;09 – What scripting process do you use for each different artist?
00:38:11;28 – Who is the best X-men artist?
00:45:14;20 – Did Claremont anticipate the popularity of Gambit?
00:46:30;04 – The Gambit/Mr. Sinister connection
00:50:27;19 – What does Claremont think of the other X-men titles?
00:55:23;14 – Dealing with writer’s block