SO SAY WE ALL! (Trailer)

Posted on 05 November 2012 by GI Jolie

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome WILL be released! Watch the trailer NOW!

Did the end of Caprica kind of tick you off? Did The Plan leave you wanting just a little bit more? Well, today’s announcement just made the galaxy a little bit better!

Beginning this Friday, November 9th fans of the Battlestar Galactica series can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome will be released on the web exclusively on Machinima Prime, Machinima’s Youtube Channel for this and, hopefully, future “high quality” series.

The series was originally slated to air on SyFy as 2-hour telefilm but never ended up airing and now it looks like it will see the light of day as a web series! According Machinima the series will follow a young “pilot William Adama in the First Cylon War and his first adventure aboard the Battlestar Galactica.”

Will you watching?

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