How to Be a Guest on the Show!

Posted on 10 September 2012 by GI Jolie

This short video will show you exactly how we pick guests for our show!

If you’ve ever wondered about the lengthy application process that everyone has gone through to become a guest on our show, wonder NO MORE! This video contains the powerful secret that you’ll need to make sure YOU can take part in the next big online geekfest!

Think you know a lot about comic books? Is Star Track you’re favourite sci-fi series? Watch the video in its entirety. You’ll soon find out that our application process is not as rigorous as you might think.

How to be a Guest on the Comic Book Syndicate
Joe Brosnan
Michelle Segal
Michael Poirier as Mike-El



  • Lyall Cousins

    Check out local Comic Artist/Publisher PAUL REAUME. He does “The UNDERGROUND”. he’s been at it for years and lives in Windsor. I’m surprised you haven’t had him yet. He’s on FB and some of his stuff can be seen on his TWISTED STUDIO FB page. Check him out! BTW, GREAT SHOW!

    • Oh hey, I’ll check it out now!