Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (review)

Posted on 29 March 2016 by Mike-EL

The Syndicate review!

Mike-EL, G.I.Jolie, “Clark” Brent, Bex Luthor and real life science hero Will Strong give their impassioned review of the latest piece of crap blockbuster from DC/Warner Bros.!

It seems after the box office disappointment of Man of Steel, Warner Bros. blamed poor Superman for all it’s problems — rather than struggling director Zack Snyder. So, they went back to the Bat-Well for the 4th time in 11 years, with an all-new (and older than ever) Dark Knight. Some people liked the disjointed 2.5 hour preview for Justice League Part One, some didn’t.

Watch and enjoy!

(Please note: we pride ourselves in clearly defining our point of view, even if the movies don’t).