AVENGERS #5 by Hickman & Kubert

Posted on 10 March 2013 by Admin

Goodbye Hyperion and hello Smasher of the Imperial Guard.

Avengers-5-SmasherAvengers #5
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Adam Kubert
Published by Marvel

Synopsis: The Avengers travel across the galaxy to fight an invading force.

Good: This issue was very similar to the previous one because it mostly focused on the origin of one specific character. I really enjoyed reading Izzy’s story and really enjoyed her character. When it was about Hyperion I found it interesting though I didn’t really care for it as much, but for Izzy I was actually really liking her story. The art was really fantastic in this issue and it looked absolutely beautiful when the book got to The Shi’ar Galactic Rim. There was also a perfect use for the line “SMASH” in this book! Hickman set it up really well and nailed the timing. It’s always fun to read Hulk beating up a bunch of aliens. I won’t lie the opening scene made me think it was some kind of Superman/Green Lantern hybrid. What I also enjoyed compared to the last book, was that this story wasn’t going back and forth from beginning to end. It started with Smashers origin and then midway through the book Smasher and the Avengers go to the Galactic Rim to provide help for the Superguardians. The ending was pretty good and it has me looking forward to the next one.

Bad: It’s really starting to feel like the events in the first three books aren’t important. There are still some references to it but it feels like Hickman only used that conflict to bring a bigger team together. I’m still hoping that this conflict isn’t fully resolved, because in the end it turned out to be underwhelming. While this issue had some great action the fighting felt really quick and a little lacking. In a book like this I find that the fighting is really important unlike Hickman’s other book, New Avengers. That book is pure story which works for it but it reads more like a heavy handed action movie. The overall plot of this issue was really enjoyable but I found myself wishing the battle was bigger and longer because of the imbalance of action and story.

Overall: This issue was really enjoyable and I liked reading about Izzy. The action was rendered well and looked really good but felt like it went by way too fast. This issue was definitely better than the last one and it keeps improving from here. I really loved the series early on but it started to decline at the third book. The fifth issue was a refreshing glimpse of hope that has me looking forward to the next.

Rating: 3.3/5

What do you think of Avengers #5? Who did you enjoy better Hyperion or Smasher?