ARROW S1E17 – “The Return of Huntress”

Posted on 21 March 2013 by GI Jolie

Ollie must choose between his Ex and his city in this week’s episode of Arrow!

JOLIE’s REVIEW: Dear Tommy. General Hospital called. A position in the burn ward finally opened up for ‘over-dramatic-unreasonably-emotioally-best-friend-club-owner-billionaire-son’ and you can start anytime! Don’t get me wrong, I love you (just as much as I ‘love’ McKenna) but it sounds like duty is totally calling and you’re overwrought dialogue is needed somewhere else.

Really. Oh, and get rid of McKenna too. Seriously. If there’s anything that this episode has shown us tonight, it’s that both Tommy and McKenna are both completely, unnecessary characters.

For the most part, the plot line was clear enough. Huntress came back for her father who is still breathing air, which we already know to be unacceptable by Huntress standards. So her return was inevitable. In fact the whole episode could have been about that. Instead the writer’s have elected to include a pretty flimsy display of love for our leading man from both Tommy and McKenna, that does nothing for me emotionally. Unless I count the bad taste in my mouth I have for both of them.

Towards the end of the episode Tommy does eventually come around and tells Oliver that he wasn’t looking at the bigger picture. Really Tommy? Oliver has saved your hide TWICE now, INCLUDING your father’s! Tommy is suppose to be his best friend. The friend that has stuck with him through everything, and he’s having a hard time believing that Oliver is doing this for the greater good?!?

This has been by far, the most annoying episode of the series for me, and I didn’t even get a chance to talk about Thea.

MIKE’S REVIEW: After a streak of great episodes this one is officially one of the worst. Tommy falls victims to the ‘act-dumb-to-advance-the-plot’ syndrome, but instead of the usual scene or two, he get’s an entire episode of idiocy. Not one viewer watching this episodes will buy his silly ‘trust’ routine with Oliver, so the whole thing falls flat on its melodramatic face.

The return of Helena Bertinelli (The Huntress) reminds us that this series could have easily veered into much cheesier CW territory it not for the work of (some of) the writers dragging it closer to something much better. The episodes that focus on the soap opera subplots are usually weaker, and this one was no exception.

Even the ‘island flashback’ sequences suffered during this episode. Queen and Wilson should have dressed up as a ‘Chinaman’ like James Caan did in El Dorado; bad accent and buck teeth included. That would have been more credible than what we saw here.

If any first-time viewers tuned in this week, it would have also been their last time. I hope ARROW does an overhaul of their writing staff the way Walking Dead did after Season 1. They could sure use it.


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