ALL NEW X-MEN #1 by Bendis, Immomen, & Von Grawbadger

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Introducing the All New X-Men of our generation! Click the jump to read more.

All New X-Men #1 CoverAll New X-Men #1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immomen & Wade Von Grawbadger
Published by Marvel


If you know of Brian Michael Bendis you’ll understand that he is one of those writers who has to ‘set up’ before new readers can dive into his stories. This can be troublesome especially if what you want out your X-Men comic book is conflict and action. However, Bendis does it differently in this, the first issue All New X-Men where he gives you both action and set up. He presents an introduction to the comic book and he hopes that the introduction is good enough for you to sink your teeth into.

Synposis: Cyclops is out committing acts of extreme mutant revolution. What are the X-Men to do to keep peace between humans and mutant extremists?

Good: If you’re looking for a plot driven story that keeps you on your toes, then All New X-Men is for you. Bendis uses the continued story of the X-Men (without Professor X) by creating an exciting story about how to stop Cyclops and his extremist acts against humans. Issue #1 sets up the readers by first showing how humans are using extreme interrogation and brutal force against young mutants in the hopes that you might sympathize with Cyclops’ plight. Bendis tells the story from Cyclops’s position and uses it to present the X-Men with a challenge. The X-Men team are at a loss for words and action. They don’t know what to do or how to approach the situation with Cyclops. The X-Men are forced to do something drastic in this issue, which is not really explained or presented until the next issue. Bendis is driving this story with full force and it’s exciting to see this story as it unfolds.

Stuart Immomen and Wade Von Grawbadger show us tons of suspenseful action sequences and paid close attention to the characters’ emotional stature in this issue. Cyclops was rendered as strong as possible with emphasis on his broad shoulders giving strength to his movements, right down to his walk. Also of note was Beast’s character, who was drwan with so much weight that it really emphasized his ailing condition it’s cool to see this come through in the art because it really shows how serious the situation is.

Bad: It was my hope to see some different character development in the new title, and as the actually of title of the book, All New X-Men, would entail, but it works against him; Bendis chooses to confront Cyclop’s past self before he became possessed by the Phoenix Force. Because he is such a beloved character, it is exciting to see this conflict for Cyclops, but Bendis opts to use this history for plot development in this book. Already, Bendis has established that this book will be more plot driven than character driven and readers want to see Cyclops the most because he has changed a lot. From being a mutant saviour of mankind to now being a mutant extremist, some readers want to see how Cyclops might grow as a darker character with extremist intentions. The questions that come up are “Will Cyclops become the next Magneto?” or “Will he learn the error of his ways?” Who knows. Readers might enjoy Cyclops as a big bad extremist more than his good-ole-leader-Boy-Scout appeal. Bendis should be exploring the change in the character. He should not be writing a plot driven story for this book, and unfortunately Issue #1 is mostly plot driven.

Issue #1 of All New X-Men is a good set up for what’s to come next in future issues though, so if you’re looking for a jumping on point, this is definitely the book new readers can pick up. The first issue is definitely a page turner and you get to see all your favourite characters in this issue as they are cope with the situation that Bendis has presented in this issue.

Rating: 4.7/5

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