Adventures of Superman Print #1

Posted on 12 June 2013 by Admin

Is a new standalone Superman series worth it? Check out this review but SPOILER WARNING!


Adventures of Superman Print #1

Written by: Jeff Parker, Jeff Lemire &
Justin Jordan

Art by: Chris Samnee, Jeff Lemire &
Riley Rossmo


Synopsis:  The classic Superman is back with these compiled print editions of standalone stories.  Superman battles a creation of a mob-boss incarnation of Lex Luthor, children act out their portrayal of the Man of Steel, and Superman battles in the sky with Bizarro.

Good:   Superman is back in his true form!  Red tights, cape, big boy-scout grin and all.  This is your father’s, grandfather’s, and possibly even great grandfather’s Superman.  If you have been disappointed with the direction the main continuity of Superman has taken in the New 52, this title is perfect for you.  Superman has been depicted in his old-school, no weakness, butt-kicking self.

The first story focuses on Superman’s encounter with a man who is attacking metropolis with psychic powers.  The police tell Superman the man has an addiction problem, and instead of attacking the man to stop him, he tries to help him – a classic example of Superman’s compassion.  The second (Written and drawn by Essex County’s Jeff Lemire!) story is a heartfelt one, it focuses on 2 children, and their personal reflections of Superman and those who oppose them.  It is an interesting reflection on not only what Superman represents but also superhero’s in general and how important they can be in developing personal ideologies surrounding right and wrong.  The final story features Bizarro.  Superman needs to clear him from the city, and struggles to combat his strength but Superman has one thing Bizarro doesn’t: his intelligence.  The story is once again a fairly lighthearted classic depiction of Superman, making a great addition to DC’s line-up for those who aren’t happy with the grittier stories being told in the New 52 Universe.

Bad: While the artwork featured in the stories is great in each stand alone tale, I find it very annoying when it is inconsistent throughout a book.  I understand that it is due to the weekly release in digital form, however, even in that sense I would prefer this title to have a consistent artist.  I really enjoyed Chris Samnee’s art in the initial story, as it fit this title thoroughly, bringing a “Golden-Age” feel to the book.

Overall: This is a perfect book for those with nostalgia for the old-school Superman and a great entry level comic for those looking for more standalone stories.

Rating 3.5/5