A countdown to Judgement Day

Posted on 04 December 2014 by Admin

After the critical and box-office failure of Terminator: Salvation, the franchise desperately needs a facelift – or, as Paramount and Skydance believe, a return to its roots.

A website owned and maintained by Paramount Pictures featuring the title Terminator: Genisys popped up not to long ago. The focal point of the site was an animated timer counting down to zero. When it reached its goal, the trailer would be released.

Here is that trailer by the way:

The plot of Genisys is supposedly set to take place following the 2009 web show Terminator Salvation: The Machinama Series, which was created by the studios responsible for the now-cancelled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and CW’s ongoing Supernatural series.

Genisys has been almost entirely recast, with a few faces you may be familiar with. Emilia Clarke, who portrays the famed ‘Mother of Dragons’ Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s A Game of Thrones, will take up the reigns as Sarah Connor. Jason Clarke –no relation to Emilia, of Zero Dark Thirty reknown, will become humanity’s last hope as John Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger will reprise the role which earned him International fame as the titular machine itself.

Terminator: Genisys is set to be released theatrically on July 1, 2015.

Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor