12 Days of Christmas – #8 DAVID BORING by Daniel Clowes

Posted on 17 December 2012 by GI Jolie

If you’re familiar with Ghost World than you should definitely read this book!

David Boring David Boring
Written and
Illustrated by Daniel Clowes
Pantheon Books


Like it’s movie-adpated predecessor Art School Confidential, David Boring is a collection of stories that were originally released in issues of creator David Clowe’s, Eightball –issue #19-21 specifically.

David Boring is about the seemingly irregular life of a pretty regular guy and focuses on his young adult life after moving from his small town of Geyserville to the ‘big’ city.

David, who shares a dwelling with his hetero-life partner and BFF Dot, find themselves in different relationships and experiences with woman motivated by their own personal quests for perfection –David’s being more physically driven.

Our protagonist is blessed with a rather strange gift of being able to describe the female posterior just by looking at her face. His sexually escapades are part of the story but they are not the driving force behind the plot, that is until he meets one girl in particular who he cannot seem to shake.

Story creator Clowes is great as a writer insofar as he is not satisfied with telling your typical romance, as this book is really, truly –literally, an adventure full of intrigue, mysterious symbols, missing people, incest, and gun play! Don’t be turned off by what seems to another book by a creator who many uninitiated write off as arrogant or pretentious either. You’ll miss a great book if you too!

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