12 Days of Christmas – #1 WATCHMEN by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

Posted on 25 December 2012 by GI Jolie

The story that changed comic books…forever.

Original coverWatchmen
Written by Alan Moore
Art by Dave Gibbons
Published by DC Comics


What do you say about the comic that has everything? The importance of the twelve issues that make up this tour de force by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons cannot be overstated. More than 25 years later, it still casts a shadow over the comics industry.

Numerous imitations, a failed movie adaption and a slew of unnecessary prequels confirm what we already knew: Moore and Gibbons have crafted a story that is beyond the scope of the corporate comic book industry.

To illustrate: Have you heard of ‘Chatto & Windus’? They published a novel called ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’. They are to Mark Twain what DC Comics is to Alan Moore. 100 years after they’re forgotten, WATCHMEN will still stand.

The layers of inter-text in this comic will then take on a new meaning, as the words of Ozymandias become Alan Moore’s haunting epitaph:

“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

You can buy a copy of Watchmen anywhere you can find books, or here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/WtcEbq

Also available in an Absolute Edition: http://amzn.to/V8nXPt

Images and details from the book: