Own a Piece of Marvel History

Posted on 12 October 2012 by GI Jolie

Now you can get a piece of Marvel animation history for your very own collection! Find out how…

This coming December 1st at 11AM EST, Marvel and Profiles in History will be holding their first online-only auction of 500 animation cels from Marvel’s popular 90’s cartoon series, X-men.

The X-Men series ran from 1992-1997 airing a total of 76 episodes and making it the longest running Marvel-based cartoon ever, Spider-man coming in at number two.

Want to see what’s on the auction block? Here is a small sample:

“Gambit” from the episode The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Fate of the Phoenix/ (1994) Original production cel and key matching production panoramic background

This one is also a pretty great one.

“Rogue”, “Jubilee” & “Wolverine” from the episode Savage Land, Savage Heart (Part 2). (1992)

You can see all 500 cels in the auction’s catalogue which is available for download on the ProfilesInHistory.com website. Click to link and also find a super cool Cel Flip book as well!

If you’re still interested don’t forget to register. Again, the auction is ONLINE-ONLY! So make sure you get in there now to get in on all the action December 1st!

Profiles in History was founded by Joseph Maddalena in 1985 and specializes in authentic and original film and television memorabilia. This is the auction house that sold District 12 from The Hunger Games and Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers. Check out their website for more great auctions because they have some really great treasures!

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