Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman Goes Under the Microscope

Posted on 29 August 2012 by GI Jolie

…in her satin tights, fighting for your rights! AND the old red, white, and blue.

In the 1970s model turned actress, Lynda Carter starred in the television show, Wonder Woman. The sexism and political undertones of the show are campy, but there is a lot to be gleaned from this 70s era demi-god!

In this episode of the show we take a look at an Season 1 Episode 3 entitle, “Beauty on Parade”. Will Wonder Woman stop the Nazi’s? …and more importantly, will she take home first prize?

Watch our review in the video above to find out, as Julie Sando offers Danny-Boy, Mike-EL & J’orge a very different perspective on the Amazon Ace!!

Originally posted on March 10, 2009.