Why DC’s ‘3D’ covers are the new ‘X-men #1’

Posted on 01 December 2014 by Mike-EL

If you love 50 cent comics, there’s PLENTY of those to go around, all at the expense of your local comics shop dealer!

The smash hit of 2013 turned into the box-office bomb of 2014. No, we’re not talking about Expendables 3, we’re talking about DC’s desperate grasp at duplicating last year‘s surprise hit: 3D covers! Tim Girard of Border City Comics discusses the disappointing sales of DC’s latest stunt.



  • H34D

    Hugin and Munin were selling the 3D covers from last year for about $10 before they closed. I started seriously collecting comics around when Futures End started up and so when Futures End 3D covers came up, I felt compelled to collect them all to help build the event up for myself.