THOR: THE DARK WORLD Behind the Scenes footage!

Posted on 12 November 2012 by GI Jolie

Watch all of the behind the scenes videos NOW! + MASSIVE PHOTO UPDATE!

Some sneaky students at the University of Greenwich uploaded some really great videos to Youtube today!

Thor: The Dark World has been filming at the school and you can see for yourself what they caught on their cameras serving as an argument FOR allowing students to have their phones in the classroom.

The first video shows Chris Hemsworth dressed as the Mighty Thor himself, and surrounded by cast and crew. At one point the cell phone spys are spotted, but they continue to roll.

In the second clip Thor is under attack from what look to be some very menacing cloaked figures. Any guesses as to who they might be?

In the final clip we see Chris Hemsworth in what appears to be a walk through of the scenes choreography. A member of the crew even throws him Mjolnir!

UPDATE: Twitter photos are starting to come around too!

Thor: The Dark World is scheduled for release on November 8th, 2013!


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