The Walking Dead (comic review)

Posted on 31 October 2014 by Mike-EL

Which is better: the comic book or the TV show?



  • Hannah

    Reading the comic saying the show doesn’t matter anymore is dumb. And saying the comic is for people who don’t know how good comics can be is insulting to the writers the artists and to the fans. The first volume sure, it’s alright but ice you get past the first one the story takes off and takes you for a ride. I couldn’t put it down I was so into it. The story lines and the relationships are crazy and some of the characters that are also in the TV show are portrayed so differently than in the comic book. Watching the show AND reading the books is a great combination BECAUSE you generally get the same character and some of the same places (add in cdc and terminus) BUT it’s like you’re in an alternate universe. It’s still taking place in Atlanta with the same main characters but the stories somewhat separate after that. They followthe same baseline as each other but what they’ve done for tv is make it more appropriate for TV but it’s still just as good as the comic.

    • There are some that agree with me. G.I.Jolie, PunisherMAX…we are the few, we are the proud: we don’t like the Walking Dead comic!

      Anytime we give a negative review to a comic, we are technically *insulting* the creators, aren’t we? So be it! Write better comics, I say.