The Syndicate Is Summoned To Sarnia

Posted on 26 February 2013 by Mike-EL

The Sarnia Pop Culture Show took place Sunday February 24 and the Syndicate were guests of the grand get together.

The first Sarnia Pop Culture Show was a success, and thanks to gracious organizer Trent Rogers, The World’s Most Violent TV Show were invited as guests. With both Danny-Boy and J’orge hard at work with their day jobs, everyone’s favourite Hygienic Hobo Mike-EL brought along fellow comic aficionado Emily Nicholls to keep him company.

They also had plenty of company from their home town of Windsor, in the form of “Dangerous” Johnny Desjardins (from Dynamite Entertainment) and the crew from Legacy Comics Publishing: “Tough Guy” Tony Gray, “Mr. Michalzptlk” Mike Michalski and “Ape Escape” April Fawler.

They handed out flyers, chatted with fellow comic book readers and snuck in a little bit of shopping. Mike-EL found a copy of M.A.S.K. #2 (written by Michael Fleischer and drawn by Curt Swan), Amazing Adventures #6 (featuring the original X-men, by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby), Marvel Milestones featuring Blade, Man-Thing & Satana plus Wrath of the Spectre #4 and Outsiders Vol. 2 #22, both with art by Jim Aparo.

Emily picked up a copy of the Tangent Universe Flash, plus some vinyl records by The Police, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash!

Mike-EL was happy to meet some fellow costumed champions in Sarnia and we are grateful to Trent Rogers for inviting us to appear. Let’s hope Sarnia can see another Pop Culture Festival as soon as possible. The Syndicate would be happy to return!

Photos are posted below!

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