“The Right Time” – Digital Short

Posted on 10 July 2012 by Mike-EL

Sure, you read comic books. But when is the right time…to tell HER?

Emerge from your love life unscathed with the knowledge that you, yes YOU, watched this video and heeding our warnings! So you read comic books, eh? Before you tell the one you love, let the Comic Book Syndicate help you pick the perfect moment. (Even though the tables AREN’T turned in this video, Ladies, this applies to you too!)

The Right Time

Starring (in no particular order)
George Rizok
Haley Oglan
Mark Rivard
Amanda Marshall
Katie Kerr
Michael Poirier
Daniele Palanca
Lauren Murray



  • sam therrien

    lol love the cheese! who doesnt love cheese….the cheesy honesty of it all! made me giggle