The Legionnaires & The Legion of Superheroes

Posted on 28 September 2015 by Mike-EL

Artist Chris Sprouse reveals the secret origin of the Legionnaires!

Once upon a time (or several times), the Legion of Superheroes was one of DC’s most popular comics. Since the glory days of the mid-60s under Jim Shooter & Curt Swan, the popularity of the Legion waxed and waned under the stewardship of Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen and others, but the series never again captured the fairy tale magic of it’s Silver Age roots.

Then, in the ‘5 Years Later’ Legion series, Giffen twisted the team into a post-Watchmen, dystopian series that was light years away from it’s ‘superhero club’ roots. Amidst this gloomy post-Crisis treatment, Giffen & Tom and Mary Bierbaum then introduced a new teenage version of the classic team.

But DC’s second (or third) reboot was on the horizon (via Zero Hour) and the original plan for the Legionnaires was lost to history…until now!

Artist Chris Sprouse finally reveals the secret origin of the SW6 clones and what was was supposed to happen with the Legionnaires…