The Fake Death of Wolverine

Posted on 10 November 2014 by Mike-EL

Lament for the reader that actually believes he’s dying…

Mike-EL chats with Tim from BORDER CITY COMICS about Marvel’s latest marketing stunt to draw attention to their slowly decaying superhero line.



  • Hannah

    Every character death will be a hoax. They will live on as long as people still like the character or the world ends. Either or.
    Being someone who has never read a wolverine comic and only seeing the character being played by Hugh Jackman, I enjoyed it. It makes sense as to why after soooooooo many years, shit is starting to wear off. Now his death however is ironic. The thing that made Wolverine, Wolverine has now killed him which is almost bitter sweet. In the page where Cornelius is asking “what have you ever done but kill people” and Logan is having flashbacks, I would’ve liked more flash back pictures. And maybe more thought bubbles or dialogue rather than him just seeing it and saying “enough” as he hardens up. The death was a tad too quick but whole story was still enjoyable.

    • Michael Poirier

      I’ll probably never know since I’ll never pay money to read it. But, if someone lent me their copy, I might give it a try…