Spotlight on PETER DAVID

Posted on 30 December 2012 by Mike-EL

With the news that Peter David is recovering from a stroke, I thought I would take the time to remember the incredible body of work he has contributed to the comics field.

Peter David was the first writer I knew by name. His natural dialogue, pop culture savvy and respect for comics history made him stand out among his peers in the 1980s.

Ironically, his career was met with some resistance by editors at Marvel. Jim Shooter felt he wasn’t good enough to write professionally, while Jim Salicrup removed him from Spider-Man the moment he came on board as editor.

Personally, I find Peter David’s early work on Spider-Man to be among the finest in the characters history. To this day, when any casual reader asks me for a good introduction to Spider-man comics, I still defer to Spectacular Spider-Man #112 (“You Better Watch Out…You Never make a Sound!”) Amazing Spider-Man #268 (“When Cometh The Commuter”), or Spectacular Spider-man 134-136 (“The Sin-Eater Saga”) as the finest examples of Spidey stories.

David is also responsible for one of two runs on the Hulk (the other one was by Bruce Jones) that I thoroughly enjoy. Teamed with such artists as Todd McFarlane, Dale Keown and Gary Frank, his 12 year run on The Incredible Hulk is still the defining run of the character.

This says nothing of his critically acclaimed runs on such titles as Star Trek, Supergirl, Aquaman, Young Justice, X-factor, Captain Marvel and Dreadstar. His creator owned work include Fallen Angel and SpyBoy.

The thoughts of everyone at the Comic Book Syndicate are with Peter David today.

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