Snarked #12 by Roger Langridge

Posted on 24 September 2012 by Admin

The last issue in the series by Roger Langride. Read the review of this Eisner-Award Winning book, right now!

Snarked #12Snarked! #12
Story by Roger Langridge
Art by Roger Langridge
Cover by Roger Langridge
Publisher Boom! Studios



[Ed. NotePOTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!! Continue with caution]

Snarked is an unconventional tale set in the world of Lewis Carrol (which is saying something for the man who created the Jabberwocky). Starring two of the most unlikely characters to go on an adventure in Wonderland, Wilburforce J. Walrus and Clyde “The Carpenter” Mcdunk. The two embark on a fantastic journey filled with political intrigue, romance with a penguin and of course, time travel. The story starts with Red King missing, a fiendish plot to off the 8-year old Princess Scarlett and kidnap Prince Rusty. Obviously Princess Scarlett will need the help of one sly walrus and his dubious carpenter.

In the final Chapter of Snarked, we find the Walrus and Princess Scarlett in the Snark Cave facing some rather stiff Snark Hunters, who apparently weren’t so successful in their mission. Soon Scarlett and the Wilburforce rejoin the band of nitwits. Meanwhile Clyde finds the last item they need to kill the Snark, a soap gun. That’s when they all realize the creature in the cave isn’t a Snark and isn’t a Boojum. It is a (dramatic effect music) –Snark and a Boojum. They are suddenly faced with a two headed creature that would either send them twenty years in the future or give them a most gruesome death.

Snark monster

Now all our heroes had to do was save Rusty, kill the two headed beast (which didn’t include a soap gun) and take the treasure back to the kingdom. Unfortunately that’s not as easy as it sounds. It became apparently clear that once Wilburforce saved Rusty, the Red King was prepared to allow him to die at the hands of the creature. This didn’t sit well with Scarlett because she had begun to see The Walrus as a father figure. The Princess and Wilburforce made noble attempts to slay the creature but unfortunately for The Walrus he stared the Boojum straight in the eyes. It was a sad end for Wilburforce leaving Mcdunk to wait on Snark Island twenty years for his friend to return. Twenty years pass and the two friends return to the kingdom, to realize that Queen Scarlett had become the woman she needed to be. The Walrus and The Carpenter leave for another adventure and maybe someday Langridge will turn that into a comic.