ARROW Brings Lincoln Lee Back to TV!

Posted on 25 January 2013 by GI Jolie

Fans of Seth Gabel stop holding your breath! He’s baaaack!

Friends and fans of the long running Fox series FRINGE suffered a great upset this year when it was announced that the show would be ending in 2013. In fact, the last episode –EVER, aired on Friday, January 18th. *sniff*

BUT don’t fret gentle TV viewers! Two great things have happened since the end of Fringe!

1) J.J. Abrams was just announced as the director for the upcoming Disney-owned Star Wars, beginning with Episode 7! I loved what he did for Star Trek so, HOORAY!

2) My favourite Fringe investigator and Alt-world ‘agent-you-love-to-hate’ –Lincoln Lee, (or Seth Gabel in ‘real’ life) will be returning to a screen near you! We had reported the announcement before, but now there are a boat load of new photos to support his upcoming role on my NEWEST TV OBSESSION, Arrow!

In Arrow’s tradition of NOT using the character’s comic book monikers, Gabel plays The Count. Speculation suggests that this ‘Count’ is actually ‘Count Vertigo’, a super-villain poised to pollute the population with a drug CALLED –you guessed it, Vertigo.

Check out these photos of Seth Gabel as ‘The Count’ and join me in a collective *SQUEEE* as we [im]patiently await his arrival in Starling City!


Source: Facebook

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