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Do we really need ANOTHER Wolverine title? Find out if it’s any good…

Savage Wolverine #1Savage Wolverine #1
Written by Frank Cho
Art by Frank Cho
Published by Marvel



Synopsis: Wolverine wakes up stranded in the Savage Lands with no clue about how he got there.

Good: This book contains the most essential part that a Wolverine book needs, gore. Not a lot of gore though, but a decent amount. The art on the book is alright and I personally feel that a darker tone would mesh better with the story. The fighting looks pretty good also but it could be better, overall though it’s enjoyable. While the story really isn’t anything new it has potential to be something really interesting.

Bad: One of my biggest problems in this book, to be more specific, is the one point where someone is sneaking up behind Wolverine to attack him –without realizing it’s Wolverine?!? See, the problem is that when you’re looking from the attackers POV, you can see the body of a human with moonlight shining on the bottom half of his body. Wolverine’s costume is pretty recognizable and I find it hard to believe that there’s anybody else running around wearing that in the Savage Lands. I find it a little odd that he or she didn’t realize it was Wolvering until after they attacked him. Besides that… the story itself isn’t really original. ‘Someone’ waking up on an island without any idea why they’re there? It has potential to be a really good book it all depends on how the story continues. As mentioned above I think the art should have a darker tone, but as of right now I’m just okay with the art.

Overall: In the end the book didn’t really leave me excited for the next issue BUT I didn’t hate it. I’d say it’s average and if you’re a fan of Wolverine check it. You never know… you might like it.

Rating: 2.8/5

What are your thoughts on Savage Wolverine #1? How would you compare it to the other Wolverine books that are out right now?