Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4

Posted on 08 July 2012 by Admin

A great review of the Rocketeer Adventures 2 Issue 4 by Dennis!

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4 Rocketeer Adventures 2
Story by Louise Simonson, David Mandel, & John Byrne
Art by Walter Simonson, Bob Wiacek, J. Bone, & John Byrne

Well, Cliff Secord is back in action and still doing his thing as The Rocketeer. This is a first for me, to view the Rocketeer in comic format, and it was good to see and read about him in his new adventures.

Ever since the major motion-picture debut in ’91 (which was a cool movie to see back at that time), I had always wondered, here and there, when our friend Cliff would return in his role as the Rocketeer.

Well, I’m glad I got caught up and took a dive into the book! I really appreciate the book being broken down into three different short stories as opposed to having one long story-line, as is ‘normal’ in other comics. It gave the book more excitement and made it worth the time to check out.

Initially, you have the first part entitled War Hero, where The Rocketeer takes on his original nemesis from the movie –The Nazis, as they plot another scheme against the U.S.

The second story in this issue, Cliff Secord: Warlord of Blargon, takes a Sci-Fi/Fantasty turn as our protagonist, Cliff is struck by a lightning bolt and transported to another planet.

Finally, there is Fair Game. In this adventure we follow The Rocketeer as he takes on a new enemy, an Irishman who devises a plot against the fairgrounds of the world.

So, strap on your rocket pack and dive in to find out what happens in each one of these stories. I highly recommend this book to anyone, fans of the motion-picture or the character alike.

Rating: 3 ½  / 5