ROBOCOP: New Suit on Set (12 Photos)

Posted on 14 November 2012 by Admin

A brand new cyborg police suit that Joel Kinnaman will be wearing. Click the jump to see.

Robocop movie

For the longest time, we’ve been seeing the sleek version of the Robocop suit. Joel Kinnaman is seen wearing the sleek suit and some fans have their concerns about the new suit looking too plastic or “fake” for the lack of a better word. Today, an insider released this low-res image shot of the new suit that’s on set. It looks much better and bulkier in comparison to the sleek suit. Hopefully, fans will be able to enjoy seeing this suit on screen.

The Robocop remake movie is scheduled for release this in 2014. Check out the extremely-robotic suit down below. We’ve also included photos showing Robocop and Michael Keaton on set in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), specifically George Brown College!

Robocop movie set

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